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With over two decades of experience, I have successfully worked with a diverse range of clients, providing bid management and design services from small-scale projects to those exceeding £350 million.

My track record includes winning bids for high-profile private sector projects, including large-scale residential developments, mixed-use complexes, data centres, hotels and leisure, educational facilities, art galleries and museums, as well as public sector initiatives such as residential schemes, mixed-use developments, and rail projects.


My commitment and passion for creativity drive me to exceed expectations, making me the ideal choice for your next project.

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Get to know me

When not in front of a screen I am usually to be found indulging in my twin passions: German Shepherds and knitting. I have test-knitted for some of the top knitwear designers of today, making sure their patterns are correct and easy to understand, as well as helping promote their new designs. I also design my own knitting patterns, which involves a large team of helpers to whom I am eternally grateful.


Down Time

Living in a Tudor cottage is a far cry from the type of projects my clients are usually involved in. With five German Shepherds 'relaxing' means training, walking through the countryside and splashing along the sea-shore.

I also occasionally breed chickens and the singing of cockerels often feature in client calls with exclaims of

"Is that a real chicken?!"

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